Discover the applications for equiplex® protective netting

equiplex® protective netting provides safety in windows, staircases, balconies, pools, multisport courts, besides other applications. The only one with tape of authenticity, a guarantee of quality.

equiplex® residential protective netting

For residential use

Used for windows, balconies, stairways, pools and playgrounds. The only one with tape of authenticity. Meets the requirements of ABNT NBR 16046 standard.

equiplex® sports protective netting

For sports use

Ideal for lateral closing and covering fields and courts. Manufactured under the supervision of specialized polymer technicians, it does not conduct electricity, does not oxidize and does not absorb water.

equiplex® industrial protective netting

For industrial use

Recommended for dividing environments, protection against inventory products falling, birds and air conditioning enclosures. equiplex® protective netting contains Swiss additive that enhance the strength and durability.

equiplex® aviculture protective netting

For agricultural use

Made of 100% virgin polyethylene, equiplex® netting for aviculture comes in various mesh sizes for use on farms, ensuring flexibility and the highest quality. equiplex® netting for aviculture does not conduct electricity, does not absorb water and features anti-UV protection, which ensures greater strength and durability, bringing value to your investment and your business.

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